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Ground Rules of Posting

Updated: Aug 25, 2018

Coventry University Law Society is happy to announce that through partnership working with Coventry University Law School we have created method for Student Members to get their own work published in the Coventry Law Journal. Student members are allowed to post their own articles here on these forums and those that gain enough interest from both members and staff will be approached for mentoring and guidance on their article. Once Coventry University Staff have signed off on the final copy of the article it will be placed in a upcoming publication of the Coventry Law Journal.

In order to ensure that all articles meet the standards expected by Coventry University Law Society and Coventry University Law School we have created a number of rules regarding posting. All members must respect the rules and the rules are below:

1. All articles must be approved first by the Society Committee before posting. Please email all articles to and a member of the committee will review the article within 7 calendar days, during term time, and delays may occur during holidays.

2. All articles must be appropriate in tone and content. No derogatory, offensive or similarly inappropriate content will be published.

3. First instances of articles are limited to a 1000 word, word count, not including bibliography or reference citations.

4. All articles must include a bibliography and references, no plagiarism will be accepted.

5. If you create your article collaboratively, either through authoring or research, please ensure all members involved in the articles creation are credited.

Thank you in advance,

Coventry University Law Society Committee.


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