Our Open Debates are a new feature of our Law Society that gives students the chance to take part in regular debating. We create a both a structured and relaxed environment for students to practice their persuasion and public public speaking skills and help them gain experience in debating etiquette.

These debates are open to all members, regardless of skill level or experience in debating, and exist to give members the chance, to build the confidence they need in themselves and the connections they need with other students, to form teams to compete in our Debate Competitions.

All our debates are held, 6pm - 8pm, in the George Elliot Moot Room, GEG09, and below is a schedule of upcoming debates and the topic currently released:

Tuesday 9th October - First Open Debate

Our First Open Debate will be using the topic from our initial Lord Mayor's Debate Competition

Topic One: 'This House would support a statue of limitations for all crimes except murder'.

Topic Two: 'This House would support the use of more referendums in UK politics'.  

Monday 22nd October - Second Open Debate
Our second Open Debate topics are

Topic One: 'This House would abolish university tuition fees for all students'.

Topic Two: 'This House would legalise all drugs in the U.K. for recreational use' 

All our Open Debates are facilitated by our Debate Officer, Hassan Ali

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