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Commercial Awareness is currently a hot topic in the legal industry. The business and commerce world is one that changes at a fast pace and the lawyer who fails to keep up to date quickly becomes irrelevant. The same is true of the law student who fails to keep up to date. Thankfully, Coventry University Law Society is here to help you. Our commercial awareness officer will be providing a fortnightly news article on this blog to ensure you are kept up to date on all your commercial awareness needs.

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First Issue

What is Commercial Awareness?


1st February 2019

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Second Issue

Legal Tech: What the Heck?


15th February 2019

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Third Issue


The Inevitable Exit


7th March 2019

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Fourth Issue

All The Way Into M&A

26th March 2019

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Fifth Issue

Freshers, Flights & The Future

6th October 2019

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Sixth Issue

The Digitisation of Justice

22nd October 2019

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